You can make your circular program work harder for you.

Instead of saturation delivery in your trade area, target the delivery of your circulars where they will do you the most good. Make sure you hit the streets and neighborhoods where your customers and their neighbors live.

How?... TDS puts your customer list into the The TDS Customer Locator mapping system. You see your customers on a map. Even if you do not have customer information or you are opening a new store location, TDS can help you target your circular delivery. TDS can map the U.S. Census block demographics for your store trade area. Now you're managing and fine-tuning your circular delivery program by hitting the areas that best match your customer profile.

You may want to simply cut your print run and save hundreds or thousands of dollars per week or you may want to shift delivery to areas that can bring more customers to your store.

The TDS Customer Locator mapping system assures accurate and dependable delivery of your circulars:

  • Accurate counts of all accessible homes and apartments.

  • Mapping of all delivery routes.

  • Delivery to-the-door of all accessible addresses.

  • Routes verified in the field during delivery.


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